The surrogacy program is a long-term project lasting from a year and sometimes longer. The last link in the «infertility” diagnosis treatment.

Patients of any nationality and religion can participate.

It can be implemented both on the patients’ own biomaterial (sperm + oocytes of future parents), and with the involvement of donor gametes. Our surrogacy agency is proud of its own database of donors, so you can be sure that we will be able to select a candidate exactly matching your criteria.

Today Ukraine’s legislation regarding reproductive technologies is considered to be one of the best in the world, which annually attracts thousands of patients to the country who come here with the hope of becoming parents. We are ready to confirm and demonstrate in practice that your dreams can really come true, regardless of your age, the complexity of the diagnosis and the citizenship of the countries that strictly prohibit the use of this technology.

The laws of Ukraine allow patients to become parents in a short time on absolutely legal grounds: each parent can be sure that his genetic material, embryos conceived from it and subsequently born children belong exclusively to the parents, who initiate the surrogacy program, already from the moment of conception. Surrogate mothers in Ukraine do not have the right and opportunity to keep the child for themselves — in any case, it will be transferred to the parents directly in the maternity house. The best surrogacy agencies in Ukraine and reliable lawyers, accompanying the program throughout its entire duration and fixing its course at each stage with special documents will take care of this.

The program has different variations depending on the nationality and diagnosis of the patients, and we invite you to discuss all these points during a free online consultation.

Ukrainian legislation requirements for patients planning to use the SM treatment program in surrogacy clinic in Ukraine:

  • heterosexual couple
  • official marriage, an apostilled marriage certificate
  • the couple does not have infections potentially dangerous for SM: HIV, hepatitis, syphilis
  • a medical diagnosis confirming that partners have indications for surrogacy treatment.

If you think that your couple may not meet certain criteria, do not lose heart — just contact our international surrogacy center and explain your situation in detail, and we will give you possible legal solutions in other countries.

Would you like to receive advice on issues that concern you? Send us a message or sign up for a free consultation using the feedback form.

Would you like to receive advice on issues that concern you? Send us a message or sign up for a free consultation using the feedback form.