Have you thought about what your child will be like when he grows up? Will it be a boy or a girl? Or maybe twins?
Would he/she like to study science, or would prefer painting?
Will your kid be a homebody or will love to travel?
We do not know all these details; these are the happy moments that you will experience together with your partner throughout the long years of parenthood.
We are sure of one thing – you will have a baby! It’s is our job, our knowledge, our many years of experience, which has allowed dozens of same-sex couples to become parents, even those who were previously sure that it was impossible, forbidden and that gay surrogacy costs were unaffordable high.

Our agency is one of the first which could absolutely legally organize the process of gay surrogacy in Europe, making it as comfortable and safe as possible for all program participants.

We understand that most of our patients are concerned about the legality and algorithm of the program, so we will dwell on these points in more detail:


  • So, 2 women are always involved in the program: an egg donor and a surrogate mother. This is an obligatory condition; we do not work with traditional surrogacy
  • The information about the egg donor can be open or anonymous, at the choice of future dads
  • Oocytes obtained from a donor can be fertilized with the sperm of one or both partners
  • Prepared embryos are transferred into the uterine cavity of the surrogate, which, from a legal point of view, acts as a partner of one of the future fathers
  • The process of carrying a pregnancy takes place in Ukraine under the supervision of the our Center
  • Childbirth can take place both in Ukraine and abroad – due to the fact that the majority of our patients are from Europe, we often administer birth in the Czech Republic or Poland, as the countries that are closest to Ukraine

One should understand that formally, from a legal point of view, a surrogate mother is called a surrogate mother exclusively in our contract with you; in fact, for the legislation of all countries where any stage of the process takes place, this woman is considered to be the mother of the child and the partner of one of the future dads, after giving birth her name will be mentioned in the birth certificate along with him.
You can consider all the details in advance and determine which of you will appear on the child’s birth certificate as a legal father.

Once you are at home together with your baby (or maybe even two), you can initiate the process of maternal rights deprivation. This is not an obligatory option, but most gay dads participating in the surrogacy program prefer to take this route, keeping all custody rights exclusively within their family. In any outcome of the program, we will provide you with powers of attorney and confirmations from the legal mother of the child for all legal actions in relation to the baby.

Of course, any lgbt surrogacy program has a lot of nuances, which can be discussed during a free consultation or in the feedback form.

We will be glad to hear your questions, your preferences and will be happy to become your provider on the way to parenthood!

We will be glad to hear your questions, your preferences and will be happy to become your provider on the way to parenthood!