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Service Description Price
Primary consultation   Free
Legal consultation Discussion of details, important for a contract, postpartum arrangement and child transportation 150 Euro/hour
Surrogate mother selection Offering a candidate, which corresponds to all criteria of a client;

A complex medical examination of a surrogate mother according to the clinic demands;

An arrangement of the related documentation: an agreement of a surrogate mother, an agreement between a client and a surrogate mother, etc.;

Organization and assistance of a program till the acceptance of the affirmative pregnancy blood result;

 2000 Euro
Pregnancy monitoring Standard supervision in a clinic;

Scheduled tests and examinations;

Medication and vitamins;

Supervision of a surrogate mother by a curator, domestic assistance;

Visit to a gynecologist together with a surrogate mother;

24/7 assistance in case of emergency;

Informing a client about pregnancy;

250 Euro/month
Apartment rent A separate 1-roomed apartment with a necessary set of furniture and household appliances necessary for a comfort of a surrogate mother and her child From 250 euro/month
Deposit A sum for unexpended expenses (emergency hospitalization, additional examination, medication, etc.)

Unattended costs are returned to a client after a child birth

 500 Euro
Childbirth Choice of a maternity hospital and a doctor;

Preparing for a childbirth;

A rent of an apartment not far from a maternity hospital;


Scheduled manipulations with a surrogate mother and a child;

Normal physiologic childbirth (C-section is paid additionally);

Preparing a standard package of legal documents for submission to the consulate;

Registration of a child’s birth certificate;

 2500 Euro
Clothes for a pregnant woman Outer wear, casual clothes, underwear, seasonal shoes, bandages, cosmetics for pregnant women. A sum is paid directly to a surrogate mother.  500 Euro
Twin-birth A sum is paid directly to a surrogate mother with a general sum after a childbirth  2500 Euro
C-section birth A sum is paid directly to a surrogate mother with a general sum after a childbirth  3000 Euro
Surrogate mother payment A sum is paid directly to a surrogate mother after a childbirth  10-17 000 Euro
A monthly allowance for a surrogate mother A payment for improving a surrogate mother’s nutrition from the first table till a childbirth  250 Eurio
Egg donation Offering a donor;

Payment to a woman-donor;

Traveling fees;

Program arrangement;