Our egg/sperm bank includes profiles of egg donors of various nations and races, including Asian and African types.

Egg donation programs can take place both in Ukraine or Georgia, and abroad – if necessary, we will select a donor, who will be able to travel within the framework of the program, or we will send the vitrified material of the chosen donor upon request.

You can get more information, as well as receive access to the base of eggs/sperm donors by contacting us in the feedback form.

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Портреты красивых молодых людей

Female fertility is a very delicate option granted by nature for a very limited period. After 35 years the ovaries already start the countdown to almost completely stop producing material suitable for in vitro fertilization by the age of forty.

We are not talking about conception in a natural way, in this case a woman may get pregnant until her menopause. We are talking only about oocytes suitable for use in reproductive technologies. Therefore, if you plan to have a child after 35 years, it is better to think about saving material in advance, for example, under the delayed motherhood program.

Donation of gametes

According to recent statistics, approximately 80% of patients applying to us, are forced, for one reason or another, to resort to a donation program in order to become parents. Our Centre is pleased to offer its own egg donor bank of female and male candidates especially for those recipients, for whom open donation is important, allowing to see a photo of the donor, and to receive the most detailed information about his/her past medical history, heritability, and maintain personal contact afterwards.

The egg donor database contains several hundred profiles with photos and biographies of each candidate, is constantly updated and replenished with new applicants.

With the help of convenient sorting you can choose the important for you criteria of the desired donor and even chat with the most appropriate candidates via video call.