About us

So, we are a team of artists, where the result of our mutual work is the birth of a new life: That is so precious, long-awaited and coveted.
We conduct comprehensive programs of surrogacy and donation of biological material, which allows you to become parents to absolutely every person or couple.
We work with any form of parenthood and perform all functions from fertilization and finding a surrogate mother or donor to the birth and making legal documents for a newborn who came into our world through the Surrogate Mother and the opportunities of the latest modern technology.

Where do we work?

Our company was founded in Ukraine in 2007 where we’ve been productively working in the capital of our country.

Now, when our country is heroically fighting with a defiant enemy we work with our patients in Georgia, Tbilisi – the legislation of this country is very similar to the Ukrainian, which allows us to safely realize programs of infertility treatment including surrogacy and biomaterial donation keeping the price tag at the level of Ukrainian prices. Besides, we continue to work in the Czech Republic and have a hope that we’ll return to our free and peaceful Ukraine soon.

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