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Surrogacy Process



The Surrogacy program is a long-term process with a duration of a year (and sometimes even more). It includes the preparation for the Program, the Fertilization Protocol itself, the gestation period and the final stage - the process of legalization of the newborn for the subsequent departure of the family for permanent residence. Foreign families are 95% of our clients. That entails the need for an integrated approach to the program. This means that our Company takes care of absolutely all the duties of future parents up to the child’s birth. Our Programs take place in partner clinics of several countries: Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, as well as several European states.


We start our cooperation with a free Skype consultation. When communicating, both parties have the opportunity not only to get to know each other, but also to discuss the most global issues and points on which the program is based. The choice of the country where the transfer of embryos and / or the childbirth will take place is one of the most important issues to be discussed. By default, surrogate mothers are Ukrainian citizens. There are several ultimate reasons for this: the first and the main - the Legislation of Ukraine, as our candidates are subordinated to it. It has been composed in such a way that entirely protects the rights of genetic parents, not providing the surrogate mother options to change her decision and leave the child after birth; the second important factor is that Ukraine citizens got visa-free travel to EU, which allows surrogate mothers to enter Europe without problems for the embryos transfer and / or the giving birth to your child. Of course, the pandemic has made its own changes, but even now this option works and we continue to successfully transport women for childbirth to Europe.

At the request of future parents, a woman from another country - Europe, Russia, etc., might be chosen as a surrogate mother. Before the Program starts, our employees will collect and process all information concerning the medical history of future parents, and will also draft and suggest options for the legalization of the newborn. To get started, we recommend filling out a questionnaire, which will give us directions regarding your situation and which will enable us to take the first steps towards the birth of your child.

The second cooperation stage is visiting our office for signing the necessary documentation, including the legal ones. In addition, you will visit the clinic to get acquainted with a doctor and a laboratory for taking necessary research, in accordance with the Ministry of Health order.


If necessary, our employee can go to your country for an initial consultation or for signing contracts. Depending on whether the genetic material of the future mother is used, or the donor's ovaries are supposed to be stimulated, you will need to stay in the country for 2-14 days. After the termination of all manipulations, you can return home, where you will be immediately provided with all regular current reports referring the Program.

Our Company possesses its own Surrogate Mothers Database, which allows us to offer the questionnaires of several candidates. You can get acquainted with the resume of each of them, see photos of potential surrogate mothers, their families, and if desired - meet either in person or via Skype, which will enable you to make the right final choice. In the gestation period, you will be able to communicate with a surrogate mother via Skype, come to Ukraine for a joint visit to a clinic for ultrasound monitoring and stay in touch in any possible convenient way.


During the gestation period, our surrogate mothers are either at home or in Kiev, where each of them is provided with a separate apartment. The supervision of intrauterine growth is carried out by our doctors who are already experienced in monitoring of similar pregnancies and who are familiar with all the accompanying nuances. For each surrogate mother a 24-hour curator is assigned, with whom she can contact at any time of the day. If problems are encountered, the woman is hospitalized in the Maternity Home under the supervision of specialists.

Depending on the future parents’ citizenship, the birthplace of the child may be Ukraine, Russia or any European country. Already in 2-4 days after the birth of the child, the surrogate mother will be discharged from the hospital, after the discharge the child is immediately transferred to the genetic parents. Further, depending on the country of birth of the child and the citizenship of his parents, the legalization process will take place, which will take 2-14 days.

In some situations, a newborn can be immediately registered with their parents. In more complicated cases, the genetic father is registered as the child's father and the surrogate mother as the mother with her subsequent refusal from the maternity rights.


For more detailed information, please contact us by e-mail.