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Surrogacy Process



Surrogate Motherhood Program is a lengthy process, which can last for over a year. It includes the stages of the preparation to pregnancy, fertilization, gestation, and legalization of a baby for traveling of the family to their place of residence. The process can include 2 or more embryo transfers, as well as ovarian stimulation of a genetic mother or an oocyte donor. 95% of our clients are foreign families, which leads to the comprehensive approach to the program. It means that our company takes all the duties and responsibilities of the future parents until the birth of a child. Cooperation with us starts with a free consultation over the phone or via Skype, during which both sides have an opportunity not only to get acquainted with each other, but also to discuss the issues and the main aspects of the program. First of all, our team will gather the necessary information to guide our clients in medical, legal and organizational issues. To get started, we recommend you to fill out a questionnaire that will help us understand your

situation and make the first steps on the way to baby birth. If necessary, our layers can consult you additionally, via Skype or during private meeting.


The second stage of our cooperation is a visit to our office for signing all the necessary documentation, including legal ones. Besides, you will visit the research laboratory, according to the Order of the Ministry of Health. Depending on the situation, whether the genetic material of the future mother will be used or the donor ovarian stimulation is presupposed, you may have to stay in the country from 2 till 14 days. After the end of all the manipulations, you return home and will receive all the news from your curator, specially assigned to you.

Our company has personal database of surrogate mothers and oocyte donors, which allows us to offer you several profiles of the candidates. You will be able to check each of them, see their photos, the photos of their families, and get acquainted personally, if you want. During pregnancy, you will be able to talk t

o surrogate mothers via Skype, arrive to Ukraine for ultrasound, etc.

Our surrogate mothers usually spend the gestation period in Kiev, where each of them is given a separate apartment. Fetal development monitoring is held by our doctors, who already have experience of such pregnancies and accompanying nuances. Each surrogate mother has a specific supervisor, who is available for 24 hours. In case of any complications each surrogate mother can contact the supervisor any time, and she will be hospitalized under the supervision of specialists.

We recommend genetic parents to come into the country, where a baby will be born, 2 weeks prior the expected date of delivery, in order to avoid complications in the Consulate with a passport for a newborn. An exception may be the cases of births in Europe.

We will arrange your accommodation in a separate apartment with everything you need for a comfortable stay.

As a rule, in a week after the baby birth, you can plan to return home. We can discuss all the details and you can get the professional consultation via Skype, phone, or email, located on the Contact page.

We will consult you in any question you may have and help you find a solution even in the most delicate situations.