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Access to the donor database is closed, please contact the form below for access.

Oocyte Donation

Donor egg is one of the most popular genetic materials at the market of reproductive method. Thousands of women around the world become happy with the help of oocyte donation, a technique, which does not only help women become the mothers, but also allows bearing and giving birth to a long-awaited baby without resorting to surrogacy or adoption, as more radical methods.

Almost any reproductive clinic uses this technology nowadays. Some of the clinics have their own banks of vitrified oocytes. One of the main differences of our company is a non-anonymous donation. You can see the photos of each female donor and receive the information you need about her and her family. Our donors are ready to go to other countries within the frames of the program. You can plan the procedure in any clinic convenient for you. Otherwise, you can go to Ukraine, Russia, Baltic States or Turkey, where the program with individual non-anonymous donors can be applied. Czech Republic, one of the few Catholic countries, which actively supports oocyte donation and surrogacy, supports only anonymous donation, unfortunately.

There are no any legal restrictions of using donor eggs in Ukraine, that’s why many women undergo infertility treatment programs, using the technology.

Nowadays, IVF with donor egg guarantees efficiency in 80% of cases. The effectiveness is usually achieved during the first or the second attempt. A woman-donor of oocytes can be selected by a variety of characteristics, such as similar appearance, blood type, and even specific education or talents.

The database of donor eggs contains profiles of over two hundred girls from CIS countries and Europe. Each profile contains brief information about a donor, her photos and photos of her children. A personal meeting is possible on the request. If the donor previously participated in the program, you can ask for additional information about this experience.

Our Oocyte Donor Bank also contains the profiles of the representatives of non-Slavic nations: Koreans, Armenians, Georgians, Greeks, and other nationalities.

To access a photo database, you are free to use any convenient means of communication on the CONTACT page.