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Today, single parents also have the right to use assisted reproductive technologies, and this is about not only IVF, but also the donation of oocytes, sperm or embryos, as well as surrogate motherhood. The most important thing is to choose the right country, which allows you to legalize a child or children born with the help of such a program.

Compared to single fathers, the situation with females is much more limited.


Currently, such programs are legal only in the US and Russia. And while the cost of the package price in America is on average 110-130 000 dollars, a similar program in Russia allows you to reduce the cost by half.

The main condition is that the fertilization and the childbirth should be carried out in the Russian Federation. Therefore, usually either Russian women or Ukrainian women are involved in such programs ready to move for embryo transfer to Russia as surrogates and live for the last 3-4 months there.


In such a program, sperm from a male donor can be used. It is selected according to the criteria of the future mother, while the donor himself can be either anonymous or open.

The oocytes can be provided by the future mother herself. It is necessary to stay in Russia for about 2 weeks for stimulation. In cases when own biomaterial cannot be obtained for medical reasons, the use of donor eggs might take place. Depending on the mother's own preferences, oocytes can be anonymous or non-anonymous with donors’ photos and a maximum of information for each candidate.


The applicants' profiles are presented in our photobase. Ready-made embryos are stored in the clinic with the future mother’s surname, regardless of whose genetic material was used during fertilization. They will be transferred to her uterus after the preparation of the surrogate mother. Right after the birth of the child, his mother must fly to Russia to be present during the legalization of the newborn. The procedure will take from 2 to 4 weeks, all this time the genetic mother can be with the child in Russia or in her own country.


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