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Our Company has been successfully implementing Surrogate Programs also for same-sex families for several years now.

In this case, not only a surrogate mother, but also an oocyte donor participates in the Program. Thus, the woman who is bearing your child is not his genetic mother. This allows us not only to avoid the emotional torment of the surrogate mother, but also the potential risk that the woman will wish to leave the child.


We realize that the donor is an important link in such a scheme, because she is the carrier of the genes your child will receive. That is why parents have the opportunity to choose a candidate and get the maximum information about her. You have access to our photo Base of oocytes donors.




Gay surrogacy involves participation of sperm of one or both partners in the fertilization. In case the parents wish to use the sperm of both, we will divide the obtained oocytes and fertilize them with the sperm of both partners. Subsequently, we can transfer the surrogate mother one embryo from each of the partners. It should be taken into account that the use of this service is permissible only in cases when the legalization of the newborn does not provide for DNA testing.


After birth, the child will be documented on one of the fathers; the surrogate mother will be recorded as their mother. After the child receives the citizenship, we start the maternity rights deprivation procedure by the surrogate mother. Already in 2-5 months after birth, the only legal guardian of the child will be one of the partners.


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