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 Virtually, the cost of the Program is one of the crucial issues for every future parent who plans to become a father or mother with the help of a surrogate mother.

It is a well-known fact that the price range can vary depending on the individual situation of a patient. Namely the place of the country and the concreate clinic where the program and / or birth is planned, an anamnesis - the medical history of infertility, which often dictates the use of additional technologies or preparations and, most importantly, the ways of legalization of a newborn.

Let's try to figure out what else defines the price policy of the Program.

This information will also navigate people who plan to cooperate directly with a surrogate mother, without the help of the agency.

The first and main item of expenditure is the cost of compensation for the surrogate mother, who will perform the most important part of the work in the Program. The amount is 16-20 000 euros for the entire period of the Program and includes monthly payments for improved meals, a one-time payment for clothes for pregnant women at about 15 weeks of pregnancy, as well as the total amount that is transferred to a woman as a reward after giving birth and signing all the necessary legal documents.

The second largest amount is paid for the reproductive clinic and is about 5-7 000 euros. It already includes preparations to stimulate the ovaries of the genetic mother or donor of oocytes.

Approximately 2-3 weeks before Embryo Transfer, the surrogate mother begins taking medications that will prepare mucous of the uterus to receive embryos, and after the transfer - artificially support the pregnancy until about 10-12 weeks. If the pregnancy develops normally, in the second and third trimester the surrogate mother only takes vitamins. It will be spent about 700-1000 euros for all the medicines during pregnancy.

Health care during pregnancy includes the scheduled visits to the obstetrician-gynecologist, screenings at 12 and 20 weeks of pregnancy, blood tests, urine tests and smears, as well as a 24/7 curator who will not only monitor the situation and accompany the surrogate mother to the clinic, but also resolve the issues in case of any emergency situation and hospitalization. The cost of delivering those services is about 3,000 euros for the entire period of pregnancy.

The childbirth is a joyful and extremely responsible step, which is why we always conclude a paid contract with maternity homes. The cost of this service ranges from 1 to 2 000 euros.

In addition to the main above listed expenses, the Program also includes a host of additional nuances, such as the transportation costs of a surrogate mother, since most of the candidates do not live in Kiev, but in remote regions;

- Renting an apartment for a surrogate mother for 3-5 months. It is no secret that most women prefer to hide the fact of their participation in the Program. Therefore, they prefer to keep it quite in front of relatives and acquaintances. For such candidates we provide a separate apartment, starting with the appearance of the tummy.

- But even if the girl is ready to live at home during pregnancy, every surrogate mother must move to Kiev or another city where the birth has been planned, starting from 30-32 weeks of pregnancy, in order to preserve the pregnancy and the predictability of the child birthplace. The cost of such services is about 1500-3 000 euros;

- It’s necessary to take into consideration the fact, that pregnancy in itself is a long and unpredictable process even in frame of a natural impregnation. Therefore, one should never exclude the risk, which may accompany the process: pregnancy loss or spontaneous abortion, ectopic pregnancy, malformations or fetal defects that lead to medical abortion, cesarean section in case of indications from the surrogate mother or fetus, and with poor activity of birth, which cannot be predicted in advance.

Each of these points leads to additional expenses associated with the hospitalization and rehabilitation of a surrogate mother, as well as financial compensation for harming her health. If you do not want to be accused of exploitation of someone else's body, these items must necessarily be included in the contract with the surrogate mother.

In addition, the Program cost includes the cost of additional examinations, preparations, hospitalization for the preservation of pregnancy - because often even in urgent situations (for example, with bleeding), doctors can still save the child;

- Legal assistance, translation services, agency fees are other costs for meeting the terms of the Agreement