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Why surrogacy in Ukraine is the best choice?


1. First of all, it is more affordable than in other countries. This means that there is no need to waste years of life before you can have a child, you can make your cherished dream come true right now. To date, the cost of the program in Ukraine starts at $ 45,000 and this amount includes ALL the necessary expenses. This is 2.5-3 times cheaper than similar programs in the United States and much cheaper than in other countries.

2. Surrogacy programs in Ukraine are LEGAL. This means that you will not encounter obstacles either in Ukraine, or in the American consulate when legalizing a newborn, or directly in the United States in the process of finalizing your child's documents.

3. The payment schedule of the program is divided into stages, payments are made throughout the pregnancy – there is no need to prepare the entire amount at once. The cost of the program is transparent and does not contain any hidden fees - even additional options are already provided by our agreement in the form of fixed amounts.

4. Additional options not provided for in the main price list of the program are used solely at your discretion (surrogate mother with experience, postpartum nanny assistance, additional pre-implantation or prenatal diagnostics - PGD, NGS, NIPT, etc.)

5. Stay in Ukraine is limited to the minimum periods: this is 12-14 days in the case when we stimulate the ovaries of the expectant mother and only 2 days in case we use donor oocytes. During this time, you will have time to pass all the necessary examinations, complete all the necessary documentation, and freeze biological material.

6. Our programs take place in the capital of Ukraine - Kyiv. You have a unique opportunity to spend some time here awaiting for the birth of your child – we always recommend our patients to come to the birth in advance, if it’s possible for them.

We are be happy to answer any of your questions and discuss any, even the most non-standard situation – after all, we have been working with any form of parenting for many years and all our tremendous experience will work for the benefit of your baby’s birth.

Adoption of donor embryos

The situation when a couple is mutually infertile is less common than other cases, but there are treatment programs for them too. Nowadays there is a possibility to adopt a child not from an orphanage but directly from a cryo-storage – to take a ready-made embryo and go through the IVF-protocol on your own or with the help of a surrogate mother.

IVF with donor embryos is a unique opportunity not only to become parents but also experience all the joy of pregnancy: the first ultrasound, the heartbeat, gender determination of the baby, movements inside the mother's body.

Where do these embryos come from?

These are certainly embryos of high quality, because only strong and healthy embryos, that can withstand defrosting and take root in the uterine cavity, are frozen. The embryos remain in the clinic from couples, that have been successfully treated. They donate the remaining embryos to the clinic and do not claim them legally with the hope that the embryos end up in loving families. A couple can donate embryos if the woman is not older than 35 and the man is not older than 45 years old, without obvious physical abnormalities. A compulsory condition for donating embryos is the fact that the given couple has a living healthy child born from this particular batch of embryos.

Recipients are provided with the following information about the biological parents: nationality, age, height, blood group. Of course, only people with negative tests for HIV, hepatitis and syphilis can donate their embryos. If donor material from our database participated in the creation of embryos, you can get information about the donor, as well as his/her photo. Is it allowed to transfer donor embryos to a surrogate mother?

Yes, there are countries, whose legislation allows such treatment programs if there are medical indications that prevent the expectant mother from carrying an embryo. We successfully work with such clinics and will be happy to help you become parents even in such difficult situations.