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Stage 1

Legal consultation
Selection of a surrogate mother
Her examination according to the requirements of a clinic
Her treatment (if necessary)
Transfer of future parents to/from airport
Accommodation of future parents in the hotel
Transport spending of surrogate mother
Medication for a surrogate mother
Examination of biological parents (standard)
In vitro fertilization (single stimulation of  egg donor + 2 embryo transfer of a surrogate mother)
Medication for stimulation of egg donor
Payment for the services of a donor
Monitoring of pregnancy up to hCG analysis (twice) and the first ultrasonography (on the 21st day after embryo transfer)

Stage 2

Individual monitoring of pregnancy in clinics (visit and/or ultrasonography every 2 weeks)

Scheduled testing and examination
Medication support, vitamins prescribed by a therapist
Psychological support for a surrogate mother
24/7 assistance in case of necessity
Informing a client about pregnancy
Monthly benefit to a surrogate mother (paid directly to a surrogate mother)
Payment for clothes for pregnant: outerwear and casual clothes, seasonal shoes, bandages, special cosmetics, underwear.
Rent of an apartment for a surrogate mother with everything necessary for living
Personal assistant (accompany to the hospital, any household assistance, shopping, etc.)

Stage 3

Choice of a hospital and a doctor
Preparing for childbirth
Rent of an apartment in the city of childbirth
Medications according to doctors’ recommendations
Routine handling and procedures for a surrogate mother and a baby
Registration of a birth certificate
A standard package of legal documents for submission to the consulate