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  • Base oocyte donors

    Base oocyte donors

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    Surrogacy process

About us

Our patients are often interested how we became engaged in such a specific type of activity. It is not a secret and we easily share this information. We do not hide that life has made most of us go through the program in person: somebody were parents-clients of the clinics and others were either donors or surrogate mothers. We are happy parents, mothers and fathers, and we are ready to help you become parents as well. Believe me, it is more than real today. All diagnosis, failures, depression and fear are overcome with experience and patience of professionals. You can get acquainted with the members of our team and get more information about them here.
The 21st century was marked not only with significant innovations in various fields of global knowledge. It also brought an enormous and frightening catastrophic problem of procreation. Today, approximately every 5th of 6th pair in the world is forced to resort to certain methods of infertility treatment.
Activity of the Center Our company deals with a narrow area of treating infertility, the programs of surrogacy and donation of oocytes (eggs). The head office, located in Kiev, works closely not only with Ukrainian hospitals, but also with dozens of partner organizations in Russia, the Czech Republic, the Baltic States and Turkey.
Our main activity is the organization of the program, starting from the selection of the surrogate mother and / or the donor and finishing with legal formalities, always accompanying the flow of the program and the legalization of child after its birth. The vast majority of our patients are the couples from Europe who come to Ukraine for the opportunities they are not able to get in the Catholic countries, which have negative relation to the reproductive technologies, such as surrogacy and oocytes/ ovum donation.